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Hardwire Kit For Dash Cam

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This hardwire kit for dash cam accepts voltage from any type of vehicles runs on 12 – 24V, works perfect for car, truck, bus, suvs, or big rig for continuous power.

Wide Compatibility

11.5ft mini USB hardwire kit for dash cam or other device powered by Mini USB port , 5V/2A steady output, voltage input supports from 12V-24V. This product is suitable for RICILAR CR612 driving recorder.

24 Hours Monitor

24 Hours Surveillance: The vehicle hard-wire kit connect to car battery or fuse box power, can realize continuous power supply for 24 hours. It can keep powered on even car turned off.

Low Voltage Protection

Multiple Security Protection - With low voltage protection, RICILAR hardwire kit will automatically cut off the power after 60s when the voltage is lower than 11.8Vīŧˆ+-0.1). Not applicable to trucks with voltage above 24V. More security protection like over-current, short-circuit, reverse connection, and overheat.

High Secure Standards

The mini USB hardwire kit with a built-in precise switching power supply module can transform 12V(24V) to 5V. The built-in safeguards protect your devices against excessive current, overheating.

Important Note

The included fuse taps are NOT compatible with some trucks and vehicles due to their unique design of fuse boxes. At this time, you need to cut the wire and use the copper wire inside to connect the car's fuse.

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