Hey creator,

Hey Creators, Thank you so much for your interest on Ricilar. Ricilar has been committed to use technology to create value and providing high-quality technology products for users. Today, we sincerely here invite video and image creators from all over the world to join the RI Studio. Use Ricilar's latest smart devices to share your unique experience and opinions with vibrant and enthusiastic video or image contents. Come & join us now!

Introducing Our Creator Program

Ricilar Influencers Receive:

  • FREE Ricilar products
  • Early access to new launches
  • Access to our secret Ricilar calendar
  • Shoutouts on our social media
  • The officially-provided creative funds will help you complete the unique creative video and image works

What Are the Application Processes?

  • Provide your personal information & portfolios;
  • Send E-mail with materials to:
  • Manual verification & review;
  • Those who pass the verification and review will be contacted by the specially-assigned personnel of Ricilar;
  • The creator signs a contract and becomes a special partner of Ricilar;
  • The creator submits the script and starts the creation.